Incentives and Assistance

The City of Miamisburg has the ability to offer a variety of incentives to help businesses meet their specific needs for a project including:

Tax Abatement, Credits and Exemptions

Tax Credits – The City can offer Local Job Creation Tax Credits for new job creation within the City. This incentive is designed to reimburse a company a certain percentage of income taxes remitted to the City. The term of these abatements can vary as can the percentage of the credit.

CRA Tax Abatement

The City can offer property tax abatement on the increased value of property as a result of investment created by a project. We can do this through any one of our three Pre-1994 Community Reinvestment Areas.

Enterprise Zone

The entire City of Miamisburg is designated as an Enterprise Zone. Within EZ’s businesses can receive tax incentives in the form of tax exemptions on eligible new investments. Qualifying businesses that create and preserve jobs within designated Enterprise Zones are eligible to receive tax exemptions on new investment.

  • Forgivable Loans – The City can provide forgivable loans to help fill financing gaps in a project. These loans are performance based and tied to a business’s specific job creation or retention goals. The terms and distribution intervals for these loans can vary, however most loans are distributed over multiple years and forgiveness periods are typically tied to business lease terms.

Business Support

Miamisburg is a member of the BusinessFirst! Program which is a regional business retention and expansion program meant to connect businesses with nearly 100 resource partners to support business growth. The City’s development team works to pair businesses with the right resource partners to quickly and effectively address issues. The program is seen as a nation best practice for retention and expansion programs.

Regional Assistance

The Dayton Development Coalition is the regional economic development and advocacy organization whose mission is to support job creation and prosperity for the citizens of the Dayton Region. Working as a public/private partnership, their mission is to grow the Dayton Region. The DDC is a partner organization of the City of Miamisburg. The DDC is a regional advocate for economic growth, workforce and business development. Learn more about the DDC here.

County Programs

Our development team works hand in hand with Montgomery County’s economic development department to find solutions and assistance for our businesses. Montgomery County offers a variety of programs such as:

Micro Enterprise Grants
ED/GE grants
Foreign Trade Zone assistance
……and more
To learn more about Montgomery County’s economic development programs, visit their website here.

State of Ohio Assistance

Our development team has a strong track record of working with companies to identify and secure state level assistance for projects. The state of Ohio has a myriad of programs that provide assistance to companies and/or projects. More information on various state programs can be found at the links below.

Ohio Department of Development

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