Building, Permitting, and Inspection

Miamisburg’s Building Department is certified by the Ohio Board of Building Standards to regulate the construction of both commercial and residential structures including electrical, fuel gas piping, and HVAC systems.

The City employs building inspectors and our Chief Building Official reviews all commercial & residential plans prior to the issuance of a building permit and the start of construction.

Approval Required

If you are planning to make a change to your property, including but not limited to developing a vacant lot, adding a room, deck or garage, or needing electrical, heating, air conditioning installations or replacements, the City of Miamisburg is eager to help. If you’re not sure whether an approval is required for the changes you plan to make, call us at (937) 847-6533. This simple inquiry prevents what could be costly and time-consuming mistakes.

Construction Inspections

Requests for inspections during construction can be requested during normal business hours by calling (937) 847-6532 or emailing

Permit Applications

Building Permit Applications can be found here.

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