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AboutKeith Johnson

Under Miamisburg's Council/Manager form of government, the city manager is responsible for carrying out the policies established by City Council and overseeing the day-to-day operation of the local government operation.

This includes authority over all personnel, with the exception of the law director, prosecutor and clerk of council, who are hired by Council. Currently, the City Manager's Office staff includes the assistant city manager, the assistant to the city manager and the public information officer. An administrative assistant is shared between the city manager and the mayor.

Keith D. Johnson became the seventh person to serve as Miamisburg city manager on Aug. 18, 2009 when he was promoted from his position as the City's development director. During his time in that capacity, the City added approximately 3,000 jobs representing over $120 million in payroll. His department also obtained more than $5 million in grants for various transportation and economic development projects, and he managed the acquisition of over $3 million in property for a future riverfront park facility.

Keith Johnson City Manager (937) 847-6456 Email
Emily Christian Assistant City Manager (937) 847-6456 Email
Keysha Alexander Administrative Assistant to the Mayor and City Manager and Clerk of Council (937) 847-6456 Email
Ken Jarosik Public Information Officer (937) 847-6682 Email
Kim Combs Hillgrove Union Cemetery Email
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