Utility Billing FAQs


Register your account at www.mywateradvisor2.com using either the phone number associated with your account or your account number.  Enter your first and last name as it appears on your utility bill, enter an email address and create a password.  Once registered you can also download the mobile app, “My Water Advisor 2.0” to track consumption anywhere, anytime.

All households use water differently, therefore comparing bills without facts may be misleading. If there is a substantial difference with your bill between months, Utility Billing would be happy to investigate and help determine the solution.

All questions about trash or bulk pick ups should be directed to the Public Works Department by calling (937) 847-6635.

Water and sewer usage is billed based on how many units of water runs through the meter. The meter read dates are provided to measure the time between billings. Separate rates for water and sewer are applied to the water usage to calculate each billed amount. A refuse charge is included and billed at $14/month.

All accounts receiving water and or sewer services within the city are charged a minimum based on the size of the meter. This minimum charge is applied to usage between 0-3 units. A minimum charge fairly distributes the fixed costs related to water and sewer services which includes operations as well as replacing and maintaining infrastructure and equipment.

The minimum charge is $63.07 (water $20.77, sewer $28.30, and refuse $14.00) per month.  Charges beyond the minimum are based on usage.  The following table represents the rate charged to residents after the minimum usage.  For water meters other than residential, please call utility billing for a copy of those rates.


No. of Units Water Rate Sewer Rate
4-33 $7.13 $7.35
34-133 $6.42 $7.35
134-333 $5.62 $7.35
334-9999999 $5.24 $7.35


Water usage is measured in units. A unit of water is 100 cubic feet, or 750 gallons of water.

With the change from quarterly billing to monthly billing, extensions will no longer be feasible. The amount of time available to pay a bill continues to be 45 days. Since bills will be sent every 30 days vs. every 90 days, it is necessary to keep up with the current balance due.

However, during the transition period (October 1, 2023 – December 1, 2023) previous extension agreements will be honored and any prior balance up to $65 will be permitted to carry forward without disconnection. Beginning January 1, 2024, all balances must be paid within 45 days to avoid disconnection.

Bills are sent monthly at the beginning of each month and will be due around the middle of the month.

Questions may be directed to the Utility Billing Division at (937) 847-6460.

The Utility Billing Division oversees water, sewer and refuse billing for the City. Customer billing occurs monthly, and payments can be made online, by mail, by automatic bank account withdrawals or in person at the Civic Center. Personal checks, cash (in person only), Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express (online only) are accepted forms of payment. You can also pay online by visiting the utility billing page here

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