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Who can I call to resolve potential eviction issues?

The Dayton Mediation Center supports homelessness prevention through its landlord/tenant program throughout Montgomery County.  This program strives to assist people in their efforts to maintain  housing by providing mediation, conflict coaching, landlord/tenant education and referrals to agencies that can offer additional support, such as rental assistance.  For information, call (937) 333-2349.

What is included on my Utility bill?

Water and sewer usage is billed based on how many units of water runs through the meter. The meter read dates are provided to measure the time between billings. Separate rates for water and sewer are applied to the water usage to calculate each billed amount. A refuse charge is included and billed at $12/month … Continued

What does minimum usage mean?

A minimum bill will be generated for water usage of 0-10 units. This amount will be the same up to 10 units of usage.

What are units?

Water usage is measured in units. A unit of water is 100 cubic feet, or 750 gallons of water.

Can I apply for an extension for my Utility bill?

Yes, extension agreements are available and all requests will be reviewed and payment terms established within the agreement by utility billing. Landlords will be required to call utility billing and grant permission before a tenant is granted an extension.

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