What does minimum usage mean?

All accounts receiving water and or sewer services within the city are charged a minimum based on the size of the meter. This minimum charge is applied to usage between 0-3 units. A minimum charge fairly distributes the fixed costs related to water and sewer services which includes operations as well as replacing and maintaining infrastructure and equipment.

The minimum charge is $63.07 (water $20.77, sewer $28.30, and refuse $14.00) per month.  Charges beyond the minimum are based on usage.  The following table represents the rate charged to residents after the minimum usage.  For water meters other than residential, please call utility billing for a copy of those rates.


No. of Units Water Rate Sewer Rate
4-33 $7.13 $7.35
34-133 $6.42 $7.35
134-333 $5.62 $7.35
334-9999999 $5.24 $7.35


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