FAQ Topic: Property & housing

Who can I call to resolve potential eviction issues?

The Dayton Mediation Center supports homelessness prevention through its landlord/tenant program throughout Montgomery County.  This program strives to assist people in their efforts to maintain  housing by providing mediation, conflict coaching, landlord/tenant education and referrals to agencies that can offer additional support, such as rental assistance.  For information, call (937) 333-2349.

What are the garage sale regulations?

Garage sales can be held up to three times in a calendar year per dwelling and can operate only between 8 a.m. and sundown for up to three consecutive days.  A non-illuminated sign may be placed only on the property where the sale is being held.  Garage sales should be registered in advance with the … Continued

How do I pay my property taxes?

The Montgomery County Treasurer’s Office bills and collects property tax, their website is located at http://www.mctreas.org/

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