Miami Conservancy District Updating Flood Protection Assessments

Posted on March 27, 2024

The Miami Conservancy District is updating flood protection assessments for property owners to ensure no one pays more than their fair share. The Miami Conservancy District is completing a “readjustment of the appraisal of benefits” – on which assessments are based – to make sure that people who are protected by the flood protection system pay only their fair share. An assessment is a charge included on a property owner’s tax bill.
Those people and businesses whose properties flooded in the 1913 flood, and are now protected by the MCD system, pay for the flood protection system maintenance and capital improvements. Property owners may see an increase or decrease in their assessment because of the readjustment. Cities and counties also pay an assessment.
This is the seventh readjustment of benefits since the completion of the flood protection system in 1922. The most recent readjustment was done in 2004. Individual property owners and businesses will receive a postcard in the mail in the next few days. The postcard will direct them to our website where they can view their assessment amounts and see how their assessment is calculated. If you pay an assessment, learn more here:
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