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Planning Commission Meeting – Feb. 22, 2021

Feb 22 2021

6:00 pm Virtual Meeting Via Zoom


Monday, February 22, 2021 at 6 PM
Via Streaming Video

PLEASE NOTE: This meeting will be conducted using video conferencing (Zoom) and will be available to the public via streaming video on the Miami Valley Communications Council website and can be accessed at:

The meeting will also be streamed on public access cable (Channel 21 or 99, depending on your cable provider).


PUBLIC COMMENT: If a member of the public wishes to comment on any of the agenda items, please email ryan.homsi@cityofmiamisburg.org or call 937-847-6536. Comments submitted by 2 PM on February 22, 2021 will be read during the Citizen’s Forum portion of the meeting.

PUBLIC HEARING: One item on the agenda will include a public hearing, where members of the public may provide comments. Any member of the public wishing to provide comments can access the meeting through the instructions provided on this page: http://www.ci.miamisburg.oh.us/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=363. Prior to providing comments, all speakers must provide their full name and address for the purpose of generating accurate meeting minutes.

All attendees will be muted until the public hearings are opened, at which time individuals wishing to provide comment will be unmuted and permitted to speak one-at-a-time.

If anyone has trouble with the software or is concerned about being unable to provide comments during the meeting, please contact Ryan Homsi (contact info above) for assistance on participating in the meeting as soon as possible.


Monday, February 22, 2021 at 6 PM
Via Streaming Video


1. Call to order

2. Roll call

3. Appointment of Chris Fine as Acting Secretary.

4. Citizen’s Forum
A citizen desiring to speak on an item, which is or is not on the agenda, may do so under the Citizen Forum. Discussion is limited to five minutes and the Planning Commission may not take immediate action. However, items discussed under the Citizen Forum may become agenda items for later meetings.

5. Old business

6. New business

Non-Public Hearings:

SP-02-2021: Site plan review and approval of a 46,500 square foot addition onto the north side of the existing Think Patented building at 2490 Crosspointe Drive.

Public Hearings:

SU-04-2020: Review of a proposed daycare/childcare use (Creative Children of Promise) at 1216 Richard Street, Miamisburg, OH 45342. The subject property currently includes a church (Miamisburg First Church of the Nazarene) and is zoned R-1 (Residential). Child care centers, nursery schools, and day nurseries are permitted as Special Uses in the R-1 zoning district when conducted within an existing church or nonprofit educational institution when reviewed and approved by the Planning Commission through a public hearing process.

7. Other business

Study Sessions:
Pending commercial development discussion.

8. Adjournment

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For more information on any specific agenda item, please contact our office via email at develop@cityofmiamisburg.com OR by phone at 937-847-6532

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